The Sumithrayo Drug Demand Reduction Program (Mel Medura) has been in operation since 1984. It is an ancillary of SUMITHRAYO and has been ever since in the forefront of helping people having difficulties with Addiction. We are dedicated to help every person who walks into our centre to overcome substance abuse as well as Behavorial Addictions like, Internet, Social Networking, Pornography and Gambling. The program helps promote attitude and behavioral changes to re structure life, rebuild family and social relations, identify and stabilize problems at employment and develop adequate coping skills to revert to a society where alcohol and other drugs are freely available.  And importantly, how to deal with relapse. Mel Medura is also actively involved in programs to create awareness in the community not only about primary prevention of alcohol and drug related problems but also on educating school children on developing life skills and improving their decision making, problem solving  and coping  skills without succumbing to peer pressure. Our Honorary Consultant Dr. Shamil Wanigaratne is a renowned Clinical Psychologist who ensures that the unit is supported with training in ‘state of the art’ interventions, supervises the team and discusses all Caller sessions during the week and guides the Key workers through the follow up of those who visit again. The Mel Medura Service is FREE.